Saturday, January 17, 2009

My iPhone Screens
My father just got an iPhone so I thought I would show him what apps are worth downloading.
The Google App. is one of my favorites, it provides a great jumping off point to quickly find info.  It also is one of the first apps that lets you use your voice as a input method.  Just select the app, hold the phone to your face, wait for the alert sound and say what you are looking for.
SimplifyMedia is the coolest media sharing app ever.  I wish all my friends used it.  Once installed on your MAC or PC, it shares your music collection over the internet just like you were on the same wifi hotspot with iTunes.  The iPhone program lets you stream your entire catalog to your phone.  I have 30GB of music on my Mac, but my iPhone is only an 8GB with SimplifyMedia I am no longer limited to the internal memory and can play anything from my home machine.
Apple Remote is a given.  It's pretty self explanatory.  It acts as a remote control for your Media over WiFi.  This works great at my lake house.  I have speakers out by the pool that are connected to my MacMini in the living room.  I can lounge by the pool and pick and choose what tunes we hear.
TouchType lets you type out emails in landscape mode, something that will be unnecessary if Apple ever writes that into any of the forthcoming updates.
Pandora is a terrific custom radio station.  Pick the artist you dig and it will play similar artist.
VNC is on all my handhelds.  You have to have a VNC server running on your machine, but then you can log into it with the phone and control the computer.  Its like a remote desktop.
Mobile News is the AP's news application.  I read through it several times a day.
BlogPress is a cool idea, hopefully it will be less buggy with updates.  It ties in nicely with Blogger and give you the ability to post blog updates from the phone.
Google Earth is amazing!  Just like the desktop version.
Crash Kart and Cube Runner are both games.  There fun, but I rarely use them.
Diggnation is one of my weekly vidcast that I watch.
eReeder is a eBook reeder that I've never used.
Evernote is awesome, it ties in with the desktop application.  You can take web clip, post notes and store info on a server and get access to it through this app.  It'll organize your life.
AirMe, Gyazickr, and Klick are all for uploading photos to the web.  Probably only need one, but I'm not sure which one is best.
Air Sharing connects your iPhone to your computer wirelessly and lets you transfer data back and forth.

iBeer simulates drinking a beer.  It's like drinking with none of the calories.

Jott is a cool service that records voice messages and translates them into text.

Labyrinth LE is a nice time waster when sitting waiting for something interesting to happen.

Shazam is similar to Midomi on the next page.

Flycast is a great radio station application.

Joost is awesome for watching tv, movies, and music videos.

Easy WiFi makes signing into WiFi hotspots much easier.  Especially helpful since AT&T grants access to it's 22,000 domestic hotspots at no additional charge.


Twitterrific is my favorite Twitter app.

Urbanspoon is a helpful locator for restaraunts.  Good when you can't make a choice of where to eat.

i.TV is a great tv guide program that also lets you check on your Netflicks Que.

Microsoft's Seadragon is just cool.  Get it and you'll see.

Vlingo is a cool voice guided search app. is my favorite financial monitoring site and this is their iPhone application.

VLC Remote is like the Apple Remote for VLC.  I use VLC on all my machines as the default video player.

Night Stand is nice for night time.  It just makes your whole iPhone into a retro looking clock.

CraigSearch searches Craigslist.

HearPlanet is a guided tour from your Phone.  It reads your location and then gives you both text and audio commentary on sights near you.
Slacker is the coolest online radio site.  I was anxiously waiting for the iPhone and Blackberry versions.  When I walk my newborn daughter, I play music from Slacker from my phone and set it in her bassinet.  She relaxes when music is playing.
Flixster gives info about movies in production.
That's it for now.  At the moment SlingPlayer is my most anticipated program.  I look forward to getting that one.  I'm a huge fan of their latest Blackberry offering.
That's it for now.  I hope you enjoy your new iPhone dad.  I love you.

Friday, January 16, 2009