Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Kaiser Chiefs

I know this record has been out for quiet awhile. I downloaded "I Predict a Riot" when it was the free iTunes download of the week and dug it, but didn't get the full album until seeing the BBC Music Awards last week. It's a great record and I really dig it.
Here is the Chiefs' website - LINK
Here is the record on iTunes - LINK

Monday, April 17, 2006

Magellan RoadMate 760 offers GPS navigation on a Vespa

There's a cool post about attaching a Magellan RoadMate to a Vespa over at Ubergizmo. Link
I've always wanted to attach one of my Blackberry running TeleNav to someplace on my Scoot, but have never had the guts. After seeing this, I might just have to do it. Oooh Summers coming!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

All Star United - Taboo

All Star United - Taboo
Uploaded by christiancrowe

Since I am preparing to go back out on tour with my band I thought I would post a video clip of ASU live in the Netherlands in 2003.

We are going back to the Netherlands as well as England, Denmark, Scotland and some other countries August 11th through the 28th.

I have more video of us performing in other countries and in the states. At some point I will follow the footsteps of Stewart Copeland and edit them together to make a much smaller movie similar to the Police movie I mentioned over in the lacrowe blog.

In the meantime enjoy this video.
Death by Sexy
New Eagles of Death Metal record. Listen Here
(If the link doesn't take you directly to the EoDM album, press the right arrow on the album selector until you get to record 24.)
Hybrid Vespa

I would think that choosing to drive a Vespa instead of an SUV would be environmentally conscious enough, but if that doesn't do the trick for you now you can step up your Ed Bagley Jr.-ness. Vespa has just unveiled two hybrid scooters that promise 25% more power using 20% less gas.
They've put a stack of batteries in the helmet storage space under the seats to accomplish this. Hit the link if you want to read more and order one for yourself. Link
Airport by iain anderson
as shown in oz digital shorts in the sydney film festival 2005

Great short illustrating a day in the life of the business traveler. Check it out. Link

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Great Free Download of the Week

The free download of the week on iTunes currently is great! I went ahead and forked out the $2.97 for the rest of the EP, and the rest of the songs are cool too. It's so reminiscent of an 80's John Hughes movie soundtrack. I love it.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Mighty Morning Show R.I.P.

I hate it so much when cool stations jump the shark and become lame. Well, it has just happened to my favorite station. Santa Monica's Indie 103.1 canned morning dj Dicky Barrett. Dicky was fun to listen to. He had great taste in music, and was always entertaining. He avoided the sarcastic critical jabber that is so common in morning radio shows. Who knows who the corporate suits will replace him with, it doesn't matter, I won't be listening.
The challenging question is, will I still stomach the station to hear Steve Jones and passport approved? We'll just have to see.
It's happening! Apple is making it possible to boot MS XP on an Intel Mac. What's happening to the world?

Wow! In spite of the speculation, I didn't really think this would be endorsed by Apple. So the question to ask is John C. Dvorak right? Is Apple going to just become a hardware company. Is this the beginning of the end of the Mac OS?
Let's hope not. Link

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Beta Testing Google's Webpage Hosting and Domain Name Email
I got this domain ( from and had intended on building the webpage with iWeb on my MacMini. I started designing the site while I considered getting a 99 dollar annual dotMac account to host it. At that time I received approval to beta test Google Pages, Google's web design and hosting application. Google Pages is very simple to use and they give you a ton of space to build on for free. allows you to use your domain name to mask the real URL of the site that you forward it to, so that's why eventhough my real webpage is at it appears to be at
Today I received an email alerting me that I have been given the opportunity to beta test Google's Domain Name Email. So after messing with some settings, Chelle and I have new email addresses. You can reach me at or in an attempt to be clever, (look at the website, not me the person). Chelle can be contacted at or I know they get some grief from some tech podcasters that I admire (Diggnation, Engadget, etc), but I really dig what Google is doing.
Connect Google Talk with the rest of you IM Account

Google Talk is a great free chat program that you don't need Admin rights to install on your work pc. Now you can integrate all of you IM accounts into it with this process. Link

Sunday, April 02, 2006

How soon until I get a Slingbox?

Ok, I'm a bit embarrassed. I just realized that I have been waiting to purchase a Slingbox because I thought you had to connect it to a Windows box at the house to send the video streams over the internet. It turns out all you have to connect it to is your router. The "No OS X" problem is only for the viewing machine. Since my home machine is a Mac and my laptop is a PC. I'm in the clear. And since I also have a Windows Mobile 5.0 phone, I can view the shows on either my laptop or my phone. Not to mention we (Sprint) release the Treo 700w later this year, I'll be able to stream to that as well.
Now, I'm really having patience issues. Before I thought I had to wait until it was released for Mac, now that I can get it, I might have to run out to festive today. Home, how I can I justify this to the wife? I'll figure something out. I've got to get it!
(click the photo of the Slingbox for a CENT video demo-ing it on a Mac to be released later this year.)
Also, here is a great article describing it. Link
Falling Sand Game

This has been around for awhile, but I wanted to post it anyway. It's a very strange game that serves no purpose whatsoever, but it's very addicting. See how much time you waste playing it.
Too Fly For a White Guy?
Try out this fun hand-eye coordination tool. Ok ok, it's just another fun timewaster.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cute Overload
ok, so maybe its because Chelle and I are soon to be puppy owners, but I can't get enough of
Kodak Receives FCC Approval for Bluetooth Digital Camera
Maybe this is why I have been waiting to upgrade my digicam.
Origami on video

I think I want one of these, it would be cooler though if it was an Apple product running OSX.
This is cool. It reminds me of Princess Leah message to Luke. See what I mean here
The coolest designed website I've seen in a long time

Play around this site for awhile and you'll agree.
Sprint Accelerating its EV-DO Rollout
Google Earth April Fool's Joke
you'd think that the aliens would find a better place for a bar-b-que
Top 10 Wierdest Keyboards Ever

Countdown of the wierdest computer keyboards. Personally, I prefer the thumboard of the Blackberry.
How to make a rotary dial cellphone

Make magazine has a "how to" article on building your own rotary dial cellphone. Now if we could only create an old fashion typewriter Blackberry.
Happy Birthday Apple

It's been thirty years of Apple computer wowing us with cool products. Here is a great Engadet article on the good and bad products that have been released.

What will they come out with next? A video iPod, and new pda, a new digital camera?... whatever it is, its sure to be interesting.
Another Blog?
That's right! The original LaCrowe blog is all about friends, family and the trips that Chelle and I take, this is purely for me to comment on all the cool stuff I check out on the internet. If you haven't been able to discern by now, I'm a geek and I find pleasure in reading about technological advancements. This is really just a rehash of what is already available on the net, but for those of you who don't have time to check all the great news sites on the web, I'll point you to what I find interesting.