Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Beta Testing Google's Webpage Hosting and Domain Name Email
I got this domain (christiancrowe.com) from GoDaddy.com and had intended on building the webpage with iWeb on my MacMini. I started designing the site while I considered getting a 99 dollar annual dotMac account to host it. At that time I received approval to beta test Google Pages, Google's web design and hosting application. Google Pages is very simple to use and they give you a ton of space to build on for free. GoDaddy.com allows you to use your domain name to mask the real URL of the site that you forward it to, so that's why eventhough my real webpage is at http://christiancrowe.googlepages.com it appears to be at www.christiancrowe.com.
Today I received an email alerting me that I have been given the opportunity to beta test Google's Domain Name Email. So after messing with some settings, Chelle and I have new christiancrowe.com email addresses. You can reach me at christian@christiancrowe.com or in an attempt to be clever, look@christiancrowe.com (look at the website, not me the person). Chelle can be contacted at Chelle@christiancrowe.com or ChelleCrowe@christiancrowe.com. I know they get some grief from some tech podcasters that I admire (Diggnation, Engadget, etc), but I really dig what Google is doing.

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