Sunday, April 02, 2006

How soon until I get a Slingbox?

Ok, I'm a bit embarrassed. I just realized that I have been waiting to purchase a Slingbox because I thought you had to connect it to a Windows box at the house to send the video streams over the internet. It turns out all you have to connect it to is your router. The "No OS X" problem is only for the viewing machine. Since my home machine is a Mac and my laptop is a PC. I'm in the clear. And since I also have a Windows Mobile 5.0 phone, I can view the shows on either my laptop or my phone. Not to mention we (Sprint) release the Treo 700w later this year, I'll be able to stream to that as well.
Now, I'm really having patience issues. Before I thought I had to wait until it was released for Mac, now that I can get it, I might have to run out to festive today. Home, how I can I justify this to the wife? I'll figure something out. I've got to get it!
(click the photo of the Slingbox for a CENT video demo-ing it on a Mac to be released later this year.)
Also, here is a great article describing it. Link

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