Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cool New "Watch Now" feature on Netflix makes it harder for me to jump to Blockbuster.

Hacking NetFlix : Breaking: Netflix Launches "Watch Now" Downloads

I've been with Netflix for several years and it's one of the only service type companies that I have worked with and had no major issues.  I think they are great.  However, since Blockbuster allows you to walk your sent movies into a local store and swap them for others while waiting for your next qued movies to arrive, you get twice as many movies for the same amount of money.  I live two blocks away from a blockbuster and even though we have a good cable tv package with on demand and the netflix, there are still times when I want to get another movie and I end up walking to Blockbuster.  I have been considering switching services.  This new Watch Now feature could change that.  Only time will tell, since I don't have access to the feature yet.

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