Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Magic Castle

Last night we went to Hollywood and visited the Magic Castle with our good friends Renee, Ugo, Josh and Judy.

It's a private club that only allows visitors with an invitation.  Renee is a Massage Therapist and was invited by a client, so that is how we all got the opportunity to  attend.

It was interesting to say the least.  We had dinner and drinks and went to three different shows.  The showrooms are all quite small and intimate so everyone has a good view of the performers doing their tricks. Of course there were card tircks galore, vanishing doves, and amazing slight-of-hand magicians donning their talent of 30 some years. 

I don't think Chelle and I are going to try to become members anytime soon, but it was fun to visit and people watch for sure, and now we can scratch that off of our list of things to do before leaving Cali.

Thanks again to Sweet Renee for her cool event planning skills and the chance to do out of the ordinary things with fun friends!

The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle

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